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Ticket supply must be a whole number

Raffle sellout value: 0 $MATIC

Raffles must be at least 24h long

Terms and Conditions

Please read the following rules carefully before entering the raffle.

  • When you create a raffle on Ogronex, the NFT prize you've chosen will be transferred from your wallet to an escrow wallet.
  • An up-front rent fee in MATIC will be charged based on the number of tickets you choose to raffle. This fee will be automatically refunded after the raffle concludes.
  • If no tickets are sold for your raffle, your NFT will be returned to you. Once even one ticket is sold, the NFT becomes non-refundable. (Note: This policy will be updated soon.)
  • You can set the duration of your raffle at the time of creation, with a minimum run time of 24 hours.
  • Ogronex will retain a 5% commission fee from ticket sales.
  • Raffles cannot be edited or canceled once created.
  • Attempting to purchase your own tickets using alternative wallets will result in your raffle being marked as suspicious and removed from all search results.
  • Ogronex, its agents, directors, or officers assume no liability or responsibility for your use of the raffles, or for promoting or marketing the raffles.